January 17, 2020


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What to think about when adding a retaining wall

Brisbane retaining walls.

At French Tropical Landscaping, we love adding retaining walls to our Brisbane landscaping projects. They make a great feature in your backyard, and they are also a clever way to create zoned spaces as a feature in your landscaping design. Oh, and when painted they make a design statement.

So, if your backyard is slopped then it’s time to speak with a licensed professional,  we can help you get more out of your backyard by creating flat terrace areas that can be easily accessed and enjoyed by your family. 

Before you start it’s important to consider the reasons why you need to add a retaining wall. Some questions to ask are: 

  • Is it to create flat terrace spaces or zones? 
  • Is it purely for beauty? 
  • Does it also have the added purpose of creating stronger foundations? 
  • Or, is it to help with redirecting water? 

To help you understand the reasons why you need a retaining wall, you need to speak with a professional. They can advise you during the design and planning process so you don’t make any mistakes during the building phase.

Although the planning may not be as exciting as creating the zoned spaces which you’ll enjoy for years to come in your backyard, it’s important get this right. You may also require council approval or speaking with your neighbours so it can get a little overwhelming at the beginning. Talk to us about how to minimise the stress when having to deal with multiple parties. Once you have sign off then you are good-to-go, and it’s time to start the construction phase.

When also planning the design for your retaining wall and landscaping, it’s important to think about what type of spaces you’d like to feature in your backyard? Do you require:

  • An entertaining area
  • A poolside lounge space
  • A fire pit section
  • Grassy play area
  • Or, all of the above! – Consider the areas you want as part of your landscaping design.

In our Kedron landscaping project, we built the retaining wall and created the grassy play area in the top half. We then added a sunken lounge area sitting next to a tropical planted oasis.

At another project in Camp Hill, we created two turfed areas to provide the family maximum play space for the kids.

The options are endless when building your retaining wall, but it’s important to speak with licensed experts before you get started.

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to complete a retaining wall with your landscape design please call us on 0414 537 377 or fill out a contact form. We are proud to be offering licensed landscaping services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

Camp Hill Landscaping Project

A retaining wall and landscaping project we completed in Camp Hill, Brisbane.

Kedron Landscaper Lr

A retaining wall and landscaping project we completed in Kedron, Brisbane.