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9 types of water features to include in your landscaping

9 types of water features to include in your landscaping Adding a water feature to your landscaping project will make your garden standout. In addition to water features being an impressive element, they also provide a relaxing and calming space in your backyard.  About 20% of our projects include a water feature as part of […]

Create the ultimate home outdoor office in your backyard. 

With some returning to work and others still self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been thinking about the changes that will occur once things return back to normal. With so many people working from home, will the office become the new normal for a majority of your working week? In which case, we’ve compiled a […]

Social distancing and your landscaper  

Social distancing and your landscaper during COVID-19.  With the uncertain times ahead, we, like everyone else are monitoring the COVID-19 virus. We’ve upped our safety measures for clients and team members, and we’re glad we work with a small team, and in outdoor spaces to complete our projects. So, at this stage, we’re still operating […]


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