March 19, 2020


by: French Tropical Landscaping


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Social distancing and your landscaper  

Social distancing and your landscaper during COVID-19. 

With the uncertain times ahead, we, like everyone else are monitoring the COVID-19 virus. We’ve upped our safety measures for clients and team members, and we’re glad we work with a small team, and in outdoor spaces to complete our projects. So, at this stage, we’re still operating as usual, just with extra safety precautions in place. 

If you’re thinking about completing your landscaping project please rest assured about the following options that French Tropical Landscaping is making available to our clients: 

  • Video call or Skype consultations. If you’re ready to start quoting your project we can complete your quote by video call. This can either be done remotely if you’re able to give us the dimensions of your yard, or we can speak with you over the phone whilst we stand in your backyard, and you stay inside your house looking at us from your window.
  • Construction procedures. During this phase of the project we’ll be completely outside, we won’t need access to your house, and we will also be practicing social distancing measures.  If you’re home, you can call us at anytime from your house to discuss the progress. We want our clients to sit back and watch as we transform their space. Furthermore, we’ll be limiting the number of trades in your backyard at any one time. 
  • Supply management. We’ve been actively speaking with our nurseries and construction suppliers and have been assured that at this time, there are no delays with sourcing materials and plants. We’ve also been able to work with our trusted nurseries without any face-to-face contact.
  • Enjoy your garden. As the entire country ramps up to spend more time at home, if you’ve been putting off your landscaping project now is the perfect time to complete it. In just a few weeks, you could have your landscaping finished and you’ll be able to enjoy more time pottering around in your lovely oasis rather than sitting inside streaming Netflix. Enjoy the sunshine in your own backyard. 

Our relationship with our clients is important and we’ll work with each home owner to complete projects without any compromise. If you’d like to arrange a quote for your project please call French Tropical Landscaping on 0414 537 377, or get in touch with us via our contact form. 

We hope everyone stays safe during these unprecedented times.