December 15, 2020


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Questions to ask before you approach a large scale landscaping project

Questions to ask before you approach a large scale landscaping project

If you have a vision for your large scale landscaping project, let us help you turn it into a reality. But before you get started, there’s a few points that we like our clients to consider when they are in the early planning stages, and this blog will ensure you’re asking the right questions. Then once we start your project we’ll be right there to complete everything for you from start to finish.

Do I require council approval? 

The bigger the project, the bigger the plan. We like to work with our clientele to make sure your dream garden is on time and on budget. At our initial consultation, we like to get to know you. French Tropical Landscaping will work with you right from the planning stage so we can advise and provide direction on the project as well as advise if your design will require council approval. 

Recently, one of our clients in Ashgrove had some red tape to work through with the council. We were able to take on the management of the landscaping project and have Brisbane City Council approve their plans within a couple of weeks. This meant that the project could continue with confidence. No shortcuts. Simply good communication with local authorities!

Why do I need a full service landscaper?

It just makes life easier for you. Having your outdoor space transformed should be a fun experience for everyone involved. By offering services such as construction and other trades, we can ensure the timeline runs smoothly and that all trades are across the project details. You won’t need to have multiple quotes from a range of companies all fighting for their space on the worksite, or unable to complete work because something hadn’t been done correctly. 

We use some of Brisbane’s best trades and manage their workmanship throughout, so you don’t have to. We can also refer you to drafting services if your project requires this level of detail and allow you to see your vision in plan format before the project commences. 

Why use a licensed landscaper? 

It’s important that when you’re taking on a large project where a qualified builder is often required that you use the services of a landscaper who holds a QBCC license. That’s exactly what you’ll get when working with French Tropical Landscaping. Our employees and contractors are the best in the business, and we’ve used them on many Brisbane landscaping projects. 

Do you have narrow site access? 

Are you seeking to build a feature into your garden such as bench seating, or perhaps a fire pit area, but do you also worry about site access limitations? We get all types of requests and we love to challenge ourselves with new and varied designs. From decking, stairs and seating through to fire pits, fencing and other hardscapes, we’ll be excited to work with you to achieve your vision. 

On a recent landscaping project in Hawthorne, our client wanted to construct a timber bench seat around a fire pit area. We faced the challenge of extremely limited access for materials down the side of the house. So we carried everything in by hand, and our team did it with a smile. After a lot of hard manual labour from our team, not our client, we built and created split-levels in their outdoor space surrounded by carefully selected plants. Just because you have limited site access doesn’t mean that you should scale back your landscaping design. 

Limted Side Access Brisbane Landscaping

Yes, this was the side access we had available for the Hawthorne project!

When can you start? 

With most of our clients we are able to commence work with 2-4 weeks from acceptance of the quote. The great thing about using French Tropical Landscaping for your large scale project is that we can manage everything from start to finish for you. From earthworks, tree removal, planting, irrigation, concreting, constructing, decking, paving, planting and turfing……. everything to create the landscaping of your dreams! 

We’ll also be able to set a realistic completion date for you when we quote the job so you’ll have confidence that you’ll be showing off your new outdoor space in time for your next ‘reception en plein air’.

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to complete your landscaping design and construction, please call us on 0414 537 377 or fill out a contact form. We are proud to be offering licensed landscaping services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas.