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This Coorparoo landscaping project started because our clients had a hard-to-deal with backyard. It was sloped, filled with weeds and difficult to maintain. Our clients are retired so pulling weeds on a sloped block isn’t an option.

For this landscaping project we had three main objectives,  screen out the neighbours, create a low maintenance backyard and win the war on weeds.

Screening the neighbours was the easy part. We opted to use lilly pillies on the back wall and also built a retaining wall to level out the yard.

Once we cleared the yard we created a citrus orchard. Citrus plants are perfect for the top of a slopped backyard because these plants don’t like wet feet. So if we did plant them at the bottom of the garden, the plants would struggle to thrive.

To create this orchard we used a combination of lemon, limes and mandarine trees. We also planted Barbados cherry trees for year-round cherries and an exotic Black Sapote or Chocolate Pudding Fruit tree. If you haven’t heard of the Black Sapote tree before it’s because you won’t see the fruit in supermarkets as it doesn’t have a shelf life and needs to be eaten straight after it is picked. This fruit, as the name suggests tastes like chocolate mousse. This fruit will be such a delight for the home owners to indulge on in the future.

Lastly, to beat the battle on weeds we finished the yard by adding a cypress mulch to stop the weeds coming through and this mulch may also deter termites.

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