September 13, 2019


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Must have features for your front yard landscaping

Front yard landscaping Brisbane

If you want to add instant value to your house, then invest dollars into beautifying the front of your home. Whether we like it not, we all judge a book by its’ cover, and a wine by its’ label, so by adding those extra touches to the front of your house, you are going to impress everyone who walks by. Even if you aren’t selling your house, by landscaping, and adding built-features into your front garden, you’ll be greeted by pure delight every time you come home. 

Below are my favourite hand-selected features to include in your front landscaping design to make your front yard truly one of a kind.  


Whilst a dramatic fence can make a big difference to the first impressions of your home, it also has the double added value of security. So this is where I recommend clients allocate a good chunk of their budget. Your fence is a great place to start when selecting the design of your garden and marrying it to the house. Are you planning something traditional with white pickets? Or what about going ultra-modern and including metal cut-out panels? Either way, we then want to create a special feature for your pedestrian entrance, or your driveway so that it stands out. I personally love a little bit of stone detailing here. Whilst this can be expensive, because we’re only using a little bit for trim or at the entrance way, this will help your budget go a little bit further without forging luxury touches. 


The path to your front door needs to make a statement. Why? Because it allows your visitors to find your front door. Here we can use a variety of material to create something unique, you could use stepping stones, timber steps or concrete inserts to create something special. The next question to ask your self is if you want a straight or curved path leading to your front door? Curved paths are a personal favourite of mine. The soft lines add beauty to any landscaping project. 

Another reason why pathways are incredibly important in the design feature of your yard is because it makes it easy for visitors to follow the path to your front door. This will make your guests more relaxed when they arrive at your home. Think about a time when you’ve gone to somebody’s house and you can’t find their front door? How did it feel when you weren’t sure where to go, chances are a little uneasy.  

If you front door is particularly hard to locate because it’s at the side of the house, then your front pathway is even more important. Allow us to turn that problem, and create an impressive pathway so your front door can easily be found. 

Landscaping features 

Whilst this may be number three on my list, landscaping features is what will bring your fencing, pathways and driveway to life! Adding soft scapes aka landscapes to your front yard is where the magic happens. With plants we can relax parts of the garden, create zoned spaces and really make something a focus point. 

I recommend creating garden beds in particular parts of the edges of the garden, in places such as behind fencing, boarding paths and driveways and in front of your home. This will create a lot of interest and using the right plants, and mixing colours, sizes and heights is what will set your garden apart from every other house on your street. It can be really difficult to create this balance, but by having your landscaping designed by a professional landscaper and horticulturist like myself is where you’ll find a valuable return on your investment. 

And if you’ve still got plenty of space in your front yard, why not add garden beds or tree features in the middle of the turf area to create even more features in your garden. 


Even if it’s only a little bit, because that’s all your have space for, then greenery will go along way. Your turf is the base for the rest of your garden, and having this clean space will let everything else in your garden tell the story around it. It’s just important to lay the right kind of turf depending on how much shade/sun the front of your house gets. 

Seating spaces 

Whilst this normally part of a front yard, if you don’t have a big backyard, then you should think about how you could use your front yard to create places to sit, relax and have a cup of tea if you don’t have the space in your backyard. Also if your front yard is east facing and get’s the morning sun, perhaps a little morning breakfast table, will be perfect for Sunday morning breakfasts to bask in the sun that your back yard entertaining space doesn’t catch.  


Last but not least, your driveway. Chances are it probably takes about about one fifth, or maybe even more of the space of your front yard. Standard concrete is probably your cheapest option, but if you have the budget available, it’s ideal to also make it a feature and make sure it complements your garage or carport, and how it attaches to the house. There is wide range of colours and finish options that will be the ultimate statement to your fully landscaped front yard.  

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