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How to plan the ultimate Brisbane backyard deck

How to plan the ultimate Brisbane backyard deck.

The deck you’ve been dreaming about… it’s time to start planning. Imagine sitting on your deck, entertaining and fully enjoying the Brisbane backyard lifestyle that Queensland is famous for.

We speak to many Brisbane home-owners about the planning and construction of their decks and we’ve written a blog to help navigate your process. We want you to build not only a deck that looks good, but one that is functional for your needs. Oh, and adding a deck, especially one with all the entertaining bells and whistles will add long-term value to your home. The right deck will also completely change your outdoor lifestyle and the way you utilise your backyard.

Below is our list of the things you need to consider to help plan the ultimate Brisbane backyard deck.  If you build a deck we want you to build it right, and we know everyone wants to include that outdoor kitchen!

What to think about when planning your deck? 

The deck is usually one of the final things to add to your backyard. Have you completed any house renovations? Or are you planning to add a pool in the near future? You’ll want to have ticked these projects off your list before you decide to build your dream deck.

Although you might be thinking about adding the deck before the pool is a more affordable option in the short-term, but long-term you’re going to want to do the pool first. Then come back and we’ll talk.

What size is a good size deck? 

Depending on the size of your backyard, sometimes you might be limited in the size of deck you are able to build. And if that’s the case, you really want to speak with an expert who can help you navigate the planning process to get maximum impact with what is available.

If space isn’t an issue then we recommend the below sizes:

  • Deck space for a table: 6x6m
  • Deck space for a table and outdoor lounge setting: 8×8 or 6x12m
  • Space for outdoor kitchen (BBQ only): 1m x 3m
  • Space for outdoor kitchen (BBQ, fridge, sink): 1m x 6m

Use the above spaces as a guide, give or take a little, but we always think the bigger the better. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who regrets building a deck too big! It’s time to go big, or go home and sit on your small deck space.

Where to place your deck? 

Think about the rear aspect of your home… ideally you want your deck to NOT face West, it will be far too hot in summer. In a perfect world we think all decks should face East to make the most of the Brisbane climate.

If East isn’t an option, then you’ll want to speak with experts to advise you on clever design ideas to better understand your best options when considering where to place your deck in your backyard.

By having you deck position in the perfect spot means you’ll be able to use it year-round, especially for summer alfresco cocktails.

What material to use? 

Whilst all decks are traditionally timber, some people prefer to have a paved outdoor space. Whilst we love paving in some areas of the garden, we think decks should be constructed out of timber.

Why? The timber adds warm tones to your landscape design and it’s cooler on your feet. Have you have walked on black pavers in the middle of summer barefoot? It burns your feet!

So here at French Tropical Landscaping we’re timber decks for the WIN!

Do you need shade on your deck? 

Yes, you do. It’s Queensland, you need shade not only for sun protection but also for cooling.

It’s good to use the same material as your roof for a deck extension and you can blend your deck and shade coverage as though it always existed at the end of the house, for this painting is also required.

The other thing all shade coverage needs for Brisbane decks is insulated roof panels – it makes a massive difference! By investing in insulation panels means your guest won’t be sitting in a sauna, melting when they come to visit you. Hands down… adding panels is money well spent on your decking project.

The other great thing about adding shade coverage is that it will protect your deck from the sun. Decks that aren’t protected from the elements will start to wear sooner.

Also, insulated roof panels have a bigger span in material coverage. What does this mean? It means the panels allow for a bigger span before supporting posts are required in the structure.

How to landscape around your deck? 

We believe that by planting the right plant at the right place, this does not only minimise the maintenance but also significantly increase the beauty of your garden. Happy healthy plants makes for a magnificent garden that always smiles back at you. Happy plants….happy garden! 

Before you plant anything in your garden you need to consider the type of soil you have, and more importantly the aspect of the garden you are  planting in. Depending on if your deck is facing North, South, East or West will depend on the best plants to plant.

We recommend speaking to someone like us, a qualified horticulturist to advise on the landscaping design around your beautiful new deck. The softscapes around your deck will make your awesome deck even more awesome.

Also by planting the right plants you can avoid maintenance, issues around neighbour privacy or the need to remove trees later down the track. Just do it right the first time! You want to take over your deck, not your plants!

How to maintain your deck? 

When we finish your project, we lacquer the deck. This is included in all our quotes. We then recommend having it re-lacquerd every 3 years. However, if your deck is more exposed to the elements, you will want to do this sooner.

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to complete a deck with your landscape design please call us on 0414 537 377 or fill out a contact form. We are proud to be offering licensed landscaping services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

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