May 31, 2020


by: French Tropical Landscaping


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Create the ultimate home outdoor office in your backyard. 

With some returning to work and others still self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been thinking about the changes that will occur once things return back to normal. With so many people working from home, will the office become the new normal for a majority of your working week? In which case, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to create the ultimate home outdoor office in your backyard.

We’ve broken this blog into two parts. Why? to utilise your backyard, and the must-have items to making this office space magnificent, or magnifique as we say in French. 

Why create your home outdoor office in your backyard? 

Don’t use up valuable house space 

If you’re already bursting at the seams inside, then it makes sense to venture out into your garden and its landscaped areas. If you have unutilised space in your backyard approx 4x4m,  then you are on your way to creating a fully functioning office space.  

Create a space away from ‘home’

Even though you are still technically at home, by walking to a ‘new location’ for your working hours you will create a different headspace so you don’t feel like you’re ‘working from home’. When you enter your office space your daily working hours have commenced. This will create boundaries between home life and work life.  

Home Office

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Be away from the family 

When you are inside your own walls it can be difficult for partners and children to respect your working hours, everything can get a little blurred, so by allocating a separate space allows family members to respect your working hours. Fingers crossed that no more little visitors will make guest appearances in your video calls. 

Surround yourself with landscape – give your office a view 

It’s no secret when you surround yourself with plants you become more relaxed, so why not create a view from your office with lush plants and landscaping. Offices with views are more expensive to rent, and by custom building your space you can locate your desk to have plenty of natural light that comes with garden views.  

Home Office Landscaping

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No more peak hour

Okay, so this point isn’t totally related to having your office in your backyard, but it’s a point, say goodbye to peak hour traffic and gain valuable hours back in your day by no longer commuting. 

It’s not just an office – Man cave or cocktail lounge – wink wink!  

Depending on how much space you have, the office could potentially double up as a guest house, man cave, pool house or cocktail lounge. It’s about planning the space when you start the design phase. 

Now the fun part, let’s discuss design features… 

Let windows and doors tell the story

As this is a custom built space, make your windows and doors part of the focal point. Create a space with plenty of natural light and ventilation and not only will your home office have ‘wow factor’, but will also have plenty of fresh air – let sliding or bifold doors make a massive statement. Although,  a small air-conditioning unit can be added for those really hot summer months, but remember, working in fresh air will not only cut power bills, but will also do your health and mind a-whole-lot-of-good!  

Home Office Decking

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Create an outdoor deck 

Adding a deck will give you a beautiful entrance space as you walk to work each meaning. It also creates a buffer for your home office so it doesn’t look completely out of place helping it blend into your surrounding landscape. Our tip would be to make the deck a little larger so it can also be used as a little seating nook. 

Add a roofing statement 

To build the space think about your roof line. Did you want it to match your home? Or, perhaps a skillion roof to add a modern effect? You can speak about roofing options with your draftsman when thinking about the size and layout available in your backyard during the planning phase. 

Landscape your surrounds 

Home Office

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Once you’ve built your ultimate home office, use landscaping to soften the built structure and create a garden view for inspiration at your desk. You want your office to blend with surroundings, and not stick out like a sore thumb. Adding the right landscaping design will dramatically change the feel of the space ensuring you create a special area and enjoy walking to the office each morning. Landscaping also includes building a pathway to walk to the office barefoot without getting your toes wet on the grass each morning.

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to complete your home office construction and landscaping, please call us on 0414 537 377 or fill out a contact form. We are proud to be offering licensed landscaping services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas.