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Questions to ask before you approach a large scale landscaping project

Questions to ask before you approach a large scale landscaping project If you have a vision for your large scale landscaping project, let us help you turn it into a reality. But before you get started, there’s a few points that we like our clients to consider when they are in the early planning stages, […]

9 types of water features to include in your landscaping

9 types of water features to include in your landscaping Adding a water feature to your landscaping project will make your garden standout. In addition to water features being an impressive element, they also provide a relaxing and calming space in your backyard.  About 20% of our projects include a water feature as part of […]

Create the ultimate home outdoor office in your backyard. 

With some returning to work and others still self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been thinking about the changes that will occur once things return back to normal. With so many people working from home, will the office become the new normal for a majority of your working week? In which case, we’ve compiled a […]

Social distancing and your landscaper  

Social distancing and your landscaper during COVID-19.  With the uncertain times ahead, we, like everyone else are monitoring the COVID-19 virus. We’ve upped our safety measures for clients and team members, and we’re glad we work with a small team, and in outdoor spaces to complete our projects. So, at this stage, we’re still operating […]

11 ways to create a Hamptons style landscape in Brisbane

11 ways to create a Hamptons style landscape in Brisbane. We’ve seen the Hamptons style popular with interior designers for the last few years, and it’s a very popular choice for Brisbane homes because the Hamptons style matches perfectly when renovating the state’s quintessential Queenslander homes. If you’ve opted for a Hamptons style renovation inside, […]

How to plan the ultimate Brisbane backyard deck

How to plan the ultimate Brisbane backyard deck. The deck you’ve been dreaming about… it’s time to start planning. Imagine sitting on your deck, entertaining and fully enjoying the Brisbane backyard lifestyle that Queensland is famous for. We speak to many Brisbane home-owners about the planning and construction of their decks and we’ve written a […]

What to think about when adding a retaining wall

Brisbane retaining walls. At French Tropical Landscaping, we love adding retaining walls to our Brisbane landscaping projects. They make a great feature in your backyard, and they are also a clever way to create zoned spaces as a feature in your landscaping design. Oh, and when painted they make a design statement. So, if your […]

Must have features for your front yard landscaping

Front yard landscaping Brisbane If you want to add instant value to your house, then invest dollars into beautifying the front of your home. Whether we like it not, we all judge a book by its’ cover, and a wine by its’ label, so by adding those extra touches to the front of your house, […]

7 reasons why you should plant a native garden

Last week at French Tropical Landscaping we completed an Australian Native Garden and I  wanted to share with you a few reasons why Native Landscapes provide you with a sustainable and timeless design selection for your landscaping project. If you hadn’t already considered requesting native plants in your garden, then you might want to think […]

Automate your home irrigation

Automation and smart appliances have well and truly entered the market place, and by giving your outdoor space a touch of technology, it’s just another way to make your life easier. If you’re still sitting on the fence and just thinking about automating your irrigation system, then keep reading below and you’ll soon realise the […]

We do landscape construction!

Did you know that at French Tropical Landscaping, we also complete larger landscaping construction projects,  in addition to our landscaping designs. Why do construction projects? I wanted to add even more value for our clients I wanted to minimise the stress for our clients having to deal with different contractors And lastly, but most importantly, I […]

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