July 6, 2019


by: French Tropical Landscaping


Categories: Landscaping

Automate your home irrigation

Automation and smart appliances have well and truly entered the market place, and by giving your outdoor space a touch of technology, it’s just another way to make your life easier. If you’re still sitting on the fence and just thinking about automating your irrigation system, then keep reading below and you’ll soon realise the benefits, especially for those of you who are time poor and wanting the ultimate low maintenance garden.

It would be near impossible to kill your plants 

Whilst you may not have the time to give your plants the watering they deserve, then let the irrigation system do all the hard work for you. Sure, that may seem like a pretty obvious point, but your irrigation system can be set up, so each of your plants will receive exactly the right amount of water that they need. The average homeowner doesn’t know which plants need how much water, in which case, let us set up your automation flow and then you can set it and forget it! If you have been known to kill a plant or two in the past, then we really urge you to automate your irrigation.

Link it to a weather station 

This is probably one of the most exciting parts of how a computerised wifi irrigation system can work. Keeping track of whether it’s going to rain or not rain is not an easy feat. By having an irrigation system that’s linked to a weather station it’s smart enough to adjust as needed, so when the rain arrives, your sprinklers automatically go on strike.

Save your time 

Again, another obvious point, but when we complete all our landscape designs we recommend that you water your plants for about 30 minutes each day. After that, we still suggest watering as much as you can, especially during the dry months. Sadly, we know this probably isn’t a reality for many of our clients as they have very busy lives. This is why we love syncing your irrigation system via your smart phone, this way, you’re able to sit on your couch, or be anywhere in the world and you’ll be able to switch on your sprinklers.

Say, green, green, green! 

If you’ve walk past that one house in the street, whose grass and plants are always lush, green and mature, then they probably have an automatic irrigation system. Unless you see them watering their garden everyday by hand. If that isn’t the case, we encourage you to work smarter, not harder and let your plants have as much water as the need. Then you too can be, ‘that house’ on the block with the lush garden adored by many.

It’s now on WiFi

We did briefly touch on smart phone integration above, but the fact it’s all on WiFi deserves another mention.

Save your money 

By keeping your plants in tip-top condition, you won’t have to replace plants in the future. You’ll also save money when you set up your irrigation by ‘water stations’. You can then segment your ‘water stations’ by plant types and only water for the desired time for each plant. This way you won’t over use water on plants that don’t need it thus saving money on your water bill.

Fill up your pool automatically 

Yes, your automated irrigation system isn’t just for your plants… we can set it up for you so that it tops up your pool when it’s getting low. No more running your hose to the pool, this job can now be automated.

Let us do it for you 

Whilst you may be thinking, this sounds good, but setup does sound complicated… then that’s when we become useful. Let us complete the set up for you. From consultation, installation through to automation you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of everything.

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