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9 types of water features to include in your landscaping

9 types of water features to include in your landscaping

Adding a water feature to your landscaping project will make your garden standout. In addition to water features being an impressive element, they also provide a relaxing and calming space in your backyard. 

About 20% of our projects include a water feature as part of their landscaping design. Water features start from low cost options through to high end designs. In this blog, we’ll explore nine different water features options.

Zen your water feature
Peaceful, calm and quiet…. three words that come to mind when you look at a zen water feature. As the name suggests, these types of water feature create a zen feel as part of your design. Zen features are popular in Bali and in exclusive day spas, so why not consider adding this style of water feature to your home.

Traits of a zen water feature are minimal water movement and sound . They are typically surrounded by rocks and plants, and perhaps incorporate a small waterfall. This type of water feature is all about instant relaxation and can be created in an informal or formal style to blend in with the rest of your landscaping. 

Go natural
Natural water features involve creating a man-made water feature that blends into its surroundings. These water features are ideal if you have a sloped backyard because with clever design you can replicate a waterfall or a creek. Consider water trickling over rocks, being topped up by rainfall and surrounded by native or tropical and exotic plants. We may be biased but natural water features are a favourite of ours and they are also budget friendly.

In a bowl
Well, this could range from a small bowl to a gigantic pot with water pumping through to create a tranquil sound and view. These types of water features are simple and sweet, and possibly the easiest way to add a water feature into your landscaping project. 

Formal ties
Think square and rigid lines to create a formal water feature. We would recommend a formal water feature to match a colonial style home. Or if you wanted to get creative with a formal feature, with smart design you can create a modern yet formal water feature to make the ultimate statement.

For a colonial style home, we’d recommend using a formal square water feature that matches surrounding pavers and tiles. Whilst for a modern formal water feature you can get a little more creative. Experiment with cement, sleek rectangular lines, stone surrounds and a waterfall to create something incredibly special.

The not so formal
If formal water features aren’t your thing, then consider an informal water feature. These features are more like a dam, and also budget friendly. You may also like to add water lilles to an informal style water feature because these plants thrive in still water and create a casual feature as though they started growing on their own. With great design an informal water feature will look as those it was always in your backyard. 

Classic and classy
Classic water features are heavily influenced by Roman and Greek style. Think the Trevi Fountain  but on a smaller scale. With stone statues carefully integrated water pumps and circular designs, these types of water features will make you feel as though you are holidaying in Europe. These types of water features are great for front yards as the beauty they behold will be admired by those walking past. 

Kid friendly
Kids love water and we love to build water features that are kid friendly. These types of water features are fun to build. When considering your design you could go one of two ways, perhaps one with secured rocks or a more ‘play style’ water feature with jets shooting from the ground. A kid friendly water feature will have the kids playing for hours during the Brisbane summer, and a much cheaper alternative than building a pool. 

Kid Friendly Water Features
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Money to burn
When there are no budget worries then the sky is the limit with your water feature. Add features such as jets, lighting, stones, commissioned sculptures and stepping areas. Then top it off by going bigger is better to make a grand statement.

With these types of water features you may also like to integrate it alongside the house, so it can be seen from inside the dwelling  ensuring  you can take in the beauty of the feature all the time, not just when you are enjoying your garden. 

Money To Burn Water Feature Landscaping
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Golden goldfish 

Add life to your backyard, not just with plants but also with goldfish. However, before we build any water features that contain goldfish we always pre-warn our clients that these are high maintenance. That’s because to care for the goldfish requires the same amount of time and dedication as if you were to have an aquarium, otherwise the fish won’t survive. We built a gold fish pond for a client a few years back and we were back at her house for general maintenance, and unfortunately her goldfish kept dying. After many months of research we worked out it was because a Heron bird kept eating them. You also need to be careful because still ponds can easily breed mozzies, something you don’t want in your backyard. 

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