July 6, 2019


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7 reasons why you should plant a native garden

Last week at French Tropical Landscaping we completed an Australian Native Garden and I  wanted to share with you a few reasons why Native Landscapes provide you with a sustainable and timeless design selection for your landscaping project. If you hadn’t already considered requesting native plants in your garden, then you might want to think again. 

1. Suit the Brisbane climate
Living in Australia we have a beautiful variety of native plants. The major advantage of native plants in Brisbane, is that not only do they suit our hot, humid and wet summers, but they also acclimatise to our dry winters when we generally have limited to no rain. Native plants are perfect for our Brisbane climate and will provide you with a low maintenance garden year-round.

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2. They are low maintenance
I said it in my first point, and I’ll say it again. Native Gardens are about as low maintenance as you can get, and that’s something most of our clients will mention to us in their landscaping wish list. By adding native plants into your Brisbane landscaping you can expect to only prune and fertilise your garden once a year, most other garden types would require this monthly. Once your garden becomes established you’ll be glad you chose to plant a native garden as you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your yard, and not having to maintain it. Sound good?  

3. Attract the parrots, butterflies and bees.
Here birdy birdy! Another beaut reason to have native plants in your garden is to improve the ecological system and attract wildlife including colourful birds such as parrots, butterflies, bees and insects. Native plants will help to sustain your wildlife visitors because they love the variety of nectar offered in our native plant species. The Grevillea plant is a personal favourite of mine for attracting birds. The Grevillea species has a lot of different varieties such as the Strawberry Blonde Grevillea, when you plant these native beauties you’ll be able to watch the wildlife follow.

4. Use less water
Whilst I always encourage my clients to water, water and water their plants again, native gardens definitely require less water. With that being said, the more water they get, the bigger and quicker they will grow. So once your garden has become fully matured and established you won’t need to feel guilty about not watering those plants during the drier times. 

5. Native vs. Endemic
I can’t explain this without giving you a lesson in Horticulture 101. There are three different types of plants: exotic, native and endemic. Exotic plants come from overseas, whilst native plants can be found anywhere in Australia, and endemic plants come specifically from that region, in our case Brisbane. Take for example plants within the small Grevillia species, these actually originated from Western Australia, but are still well fitted to our Brisbane climate.  Whilst the Silky Oak and Cabbage Fan Palms are Endemic plants to the Brisbane and South East Queensland. 

native landscapes brisbane  native landscaping brisbane

6. My Favourite Native Plants for your Brisbane Landscaping
Whilst Queensland has over 8,000 native flowering plants and 1,400 non-flowering plant species such as ferns. (Source) To help you save a lot of time, I’ve listed a few of my favourite native plants below: 

Queensland Laceback Tree
Box Leaf Thorn
Grass Trees
Lemon Scented Myrtle
Cycads and Dioons
Fringed Wattle
Fern Trees
And last, but not least, the Grevillea’s! 

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7. When you really need to plant a Native Landscape
If your yard backs onto a native reserve, or your house is surrounded by native parklands, then by planting natives of a similar variety allows your property to camouflage into the background creating a harmonious environment and a peaceful setting. 

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to design and build your native Brisbane landscape please call us on 0414 537 377. We are proud to offering landscaping services to Brisbane and it’s surrounding areas. 

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