February 3, 2021


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6 Landscape designs inspired by holiday destinations perfect for Brisbane landscapes

6 Landscape designs inspired by holiday destinations 

With overseas travel on hold for the next little while there has never been a better time to invest in your own backyard. So instead of travelling to somewhere exotic, why not bring those holiday vibes into your landscape design to enjoy whenever you’re at home. 

To help plan the start of your landscape design we want you to be inspired by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Consider the Daintree, the Mediterranean, Palm Springs or even the Hamptons, we can take you there.  In this blog we’ll explore some iconic destinations and discuss some of the best ways to turn your Brisbane landscape into the holiday oasis of your choice. 

Tropical landscaping

It’s for good reason we receive many requests from clients wanting a tropical landscaping design. They’re low maintenance, look fantastic and instantly transport you to a tropical getaway. When designing a tropical garden we will refer you to 5-star resorts in Bali, Thailand and Vietnam for inspiration. 

Tropical landscape design is all about lush green plants, tranquil water features and low growing plants planted on mass. You can also build structures such as a hut, timber seating, or concrete pathways around the planting to bring the entire design to life. 

Popular tropical plants are Heliconias, Bird of Paradise and Bromeliads to name a few, but there are many more varieties. These plants are also perfectly matched to our Brisbane climate making tropical landscaping design an excellent choice for your Brisbane landscape. 

The Hamptons 

Hamptons landscaping design is very popular right now, so much so, we actually wrote an entire blog on it a little while back. For those who want a comprehensive understanding of Hamptons landscaping, we suggest you read our 11 ways to create a Hamptons style landscape in Brisbane.

If you’re just wanting the short version, Hamptons style landscaping uses bush hedges and flowering white and blue plants in symmetrical and row patterns.  As beautiful as they look, these landscapes  do require more maintenance than a tropical garden, but the result is a rewarding expensive and high end look. 


The Greek Islands, Italy and Morocco, provide inspiration  for a Mediterranean garden. These landscapes will feature green plants, with  the different regions introducing different themes for colour choices. Think red and green flowers for an Italian landscape, blue and white flowers for Greek Islands and the colour of sands for a Moroccan vibe. 

By using a variety of plants from these regions including olive trees and Bougainvilleas you can instantly take a holiday to the Mediterranean. You can also be creative with water features, paved areas and potted plants to truly appreciate what a Mediterranean landscape can do for your home.


Image source: Pinterest

Palm Springs

As featured on the 2020 season of ‘The Block’, Palm Spring gardens are becoming more and more popular. These low maintenance gardens use rocks, cacti and grass trees to create a landscaping oasis which you won’t find in your average home. 

 To help you fully understand what a Palm Springs landscape looks like we suggest scrolling through some inspiration on Pinterest. If you’re wanting a Palm Springs design then we suggest making bold choices in your design with lines, curves, colours, patterns and levels all playing together to create a bespoke look. 

Palm Springs Landscaper Brisbane Backyard

Image source: Pinterest

Local Australian 

Even though we’re French, we are Aussie at heart. This means that we love designing Australian gardens. That’s because Australian native plants will thrive in any Brisbane landscapes and they’re also the perfect choice if you want to attract local animals such as birds and lizards into your garden. 

For Australian native plants consider a mix of Grevilleas, Bottlebrush, Lilly Pillies, Grass Trees  and Cycads. 

And if you still want to learn more about planting an Australian Native garden, you can read our blog, 7 reasons why you should plant a native garden.

The Daintree 

A tropical North Queensland Rainforest landscape design is a great choice for shady backyards, because Rainforest plants thrive in shady conditions. These style gardens use lush green plants for the backdrops and then pops of brightly coloured  flowers  to add to their  beauty. 

For plants to match your rainforest landscape consider planting Palms, Bromeliads, Heliconias and Native Ginger to create a one-of-kind garden.  

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to complete your holiday destination inspired landscaping design and construction, please call us on 0414 537 377 or fill out a contact form. We are proud to be offering licensed landscaping services which are designed by a qualified horticulturist to Brisbane and its surrounding areas.