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11 ways to create a Hamptons style landscape in Brisbane

11 ways to create a Hamptons style landscape in Brisbane.

We’ve seen the Hamptons style popular with interior designers for the last few years, and it’s a very popular choice for Brisbane homes because the Hamptons style matches perfectly when renovating the state’s quintessential Queenslander homes. If you’ve opted for a Hamptons style renovation inside, then we’re delighted to share with you how to bring the Hamptons to your landscaping so you can take your home to Long Island on a permanent holiday. 

1. Include a paved area

The Hamptons is all about light bright open spaces for easy living and entertaining. Your outdoor space starts with a large paved area or deck to create a space that flows from the inside for you and your guests to enjoy. Ideal colours are lights greys and creams using a neutral palette in simple straight lines. If you want really want to turn up the Hampton’s charm use brickwork in a patterned or herringbone feature. This may be not be as budget friendly but will add that extra wow factor you may be looking for.

This zone of your garden should be furnished with a timber or wicker outdoor lounge setting, preferably with white or black and white stripped cushions – this is a must for any Hamptons inspired landscaping.

2. Have symmetrical design into your zoned spaces – including your garden beds 

When considering your garden layout design, ie. where you want your entertaining area, garden beds and turfed areas, Hamptons design requires you use square and rectangular shapes with the space you have available. You’ll then mirror the spaces on the other side of the garden. Generally, your paved area will create the centre of the design and we’ll roll out from there. 

You’ll also want to extend the symmetry into your garden bed design and plant choices.  

3. Use plants that are green and white with pops of baby blue and purple

When selecting your pants you’ll want to use hedges with a dark leafy green foliage and white leaves. We find Magnolia grandiflora also known as the “Little Gem” very popular because not only does it perform well in Brisbane when planted in a sunny spot, but its white saucer shaped flowers come alive over spring and summer. Topiaries are also very popular but before planting we always remind our clients that this plant require more maintenance with pruning and keeping the plant in good health in order to not loose the shape created.

Your garden beds also need to have soft florals in white, baby blue or purple tones. Hydrangeas are a classic Hampton style plant, however these plants prefer a shady position with some morning sun. Another little fact is that these flowers can change colour when you play with the PH in the ground. Lavender is also a popular choice with the plant thriving in sunny and well-ventilated positions. However during Brisbane’s humid months they may suffer fungal problems so you’ll want to keep up with regular pruning to keep the plant in a compact form, this also allows for varied plant heights in your garden beds. 

When selecting your plant choices it’s best to speak with a horticulturist such as us, to assist you with decisions regarding your soil type and garden aspect, this will ensure that your shrubs and florals will thrive in your garden.  

4. Add a fire pit 

Fire pits are a very popular request from our clients at the moment and we see them in a lot of luxury homes on realestate.com.au. The fire pit trend has stemmed from Hamptons design and boy do they make a statement if your budget allows. 

To ensure your fire pit is a feature you’ll want to include built-in seating to create a cosy environment for your guests to sit fire side for hours. According to Feng Shui, by making conversation areas circular in design will promote better conversation, and the ‘fire circle’ also dates back to ancient times. 

Below is a fire pit we built on a Newstead roof top terrace a few years back, and we absolutely loved creating this zone for our clients. 


5. Make sure your hedges are manicured with precision

A lot of our requests from clients are to create a ‘low maintenance’ landscape design. But before you plant your Hamptons style garden beware that significant maintenance time will be involved in re-planting florals for seasonal use and ensuring your hedges are always manicured to create the perfect balance and shape in your design.  

Most people in the Hamptons have garden care takers that magically keep their gardens in pristine state – so you’ll want to either allow time weekly or fortnightly to prune your garden or have the budget to pay for regular maintenance so your hedges don’t take over your design.  

6. Use pebble features to offset your garden beds and turf 

Creating a zone with pebbles is not only a cost-effective design addition but it’s also low maintenance. You can use this zoned space to add a love seat and pergola design or a little tea area for two. The pebbled space is also popular to use as part of walkways you create either to your front door or in areas for your garden. 

But, a pebble feature probably isn’t going to be practical if you have a two year old who might think they are fun to throw!  

Hamptons Style Landscaping Brisbane

Image from pinterest

7. Create pathways in your design 

We did touch on this on the point above, but pathways are an integral part of Hamptons design. Most backyards won’t accomodate for garden pathways, but the front of your home is where the pathway is vital. And we’re talking about the pathway to your front door. Not only will this look great, but it will improve your street appeal, be inviting for your guests, and really help with your resale value. 

Once you layout the pathway area to your front door, you can then line the pathway with lower hedges and plants at different heights to create the ultimate entrance statement. 

Hamptons Landscaping Brisbane

Image from Pinterest

8. Add lighting for subtle touches 

The way you use lighting in your landscaping really does create a magically effect at dusk or night. 

We might be a little bias about lighting features, but it does create impact. Consider adding lighting at your front door, lighting around pathways, lighting in garden beds, and lighting surrounding entertaining spaces, Where ever you add light ensures you don’t just enjoy your outdoor spaces by day, but also be night.  

9. Consider a pergola or not 

Open air outdoor lounge spaces are very popular for Hamptons landscaping design, but not having shade coverage isn’t very practical in the Brisbane climate. You can probably get away with having a second outdoor space uncovered in the spring, but if you only have one zoned space for seating then you will want to invest in shade coverage. 

If you don’t add a built structure as shade coverage then adding a giant umbrella or retractable shade coverage, preferably in black and white stripes, will give you the ultimate Hamptons look for when you require shade. 

Hamptons Pool Side Brisbane

Image from Pinterest

10. Stoned retaining walls creates the ultimate luxury touch 

Hamptons is all about white and grey, timbers and stone. Stone creates a great luxury touch and we’re encouraging our clients to use stone as feature elements in their landscaping design if the budget allows. But adding stone is probably a great excuse to extend your budget by just that little bit! 

11. If you have a pool – you need a lounge side pool escape 

Hampton homes have spaces for poolside escapes or a pool house – the region is famous for it’s pool parties! So if you have a pool consider adding a poolside lounging area. If you haven’t built your pool just yet, then make sure you allow for space now, or you can always add it in as a future project. Once you have the space allocated you can look at different space requirements such as shade coverage, and how you’ll want to use the space. If you’re planning a built structure then you will most likely require council approval and a draftsman design before you start construction with a licensed builder and landscaper like us.  

To arrange a quote from French Tropical Landscaping to complete your Hamptons style landscape design & construction please call us on 0414 537 377 or fill out a contact form. We are proud to be offering licensed landscaping services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas.